Frequently Asked Questions when Swimming with the Whale Sharks in Mexico

We get a lot of questions when it comes to book such a valuable tour with Captain Whale Shark. Safety measures, gear, equipment, and more. That’s why we made this Frequently Asked Questions when swimming with whale sharks in Mexico. Remember you can always chat personally with us or contact us to reach you back.

During the prime season we can find more than 150 whale sharks in the area. the prime season goes from last two weeks of June, July and the first two weeks of August.

Actually, during the prime season we also find giant manta rays, and turtles.

The whole season goes from May to September. And we can find from 2-5 specimens.

Pretty much. We are always tracking the whale sharks with GPS and some times planes to keep track of them.

Sometimes due to the weather conditions and the tide, the whale sharks go to the bottom and we can’t see them. Unfortunately we can’t refund in case this happens as the expedition costs are very high. 

However, our service is first-class. If this happens any date close to your booking, we will let you know about this so you can decide to try your luck or get a refund before taking the tour.

Only Plankton. They only swallow small particles. They have no teeth.

They can’t eat you even if they try.

No. Not even by mistake. The swallowing force is not strong to capture you.

And even if it was like that, you can’t go inside like Pinocchio. The whale shark’s throat is not large enough to swallow a person, not even a kid. Not even a 10 lbs. fish

Yes. You can find a lot of fish eating from the whale sharks and with good luck you will sea giant Manta Rays and turtles.

For tourists it is not available. Diving with the Whale Sharks is considered illegal if it’s not done with permits and for scientific research purposes.

However, good whale shark snorkeling tours let you get close enough to almost touch them (don’t touch them).