Whale Shark Season in Holbox

Whale Shark Season in Holbox

The northern tropical island of the Yucatan peninsula, “Holbox,” is one of the whale sharks’ preferred sites to mate and feed on the vast quantities of plankton attracted by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. The abundance of these visitors and the other species they bring along, make the Isla Holbox whale shark season a fantastic experience and here we tell you when is the best time to come visit.

The Holbox Mexico Whale Shark Season

Every year, the Holbox whale shark season runs from June to mid-September, and although these creatures can naturally be seen from the beginning of May, you might not encounter as many, since they are arriving just yet. But, during the summer months, you will be able to see a bunch of these giant creatures, especially during peak season from July to August when the number of whale sharks is the greatest.

As mentioned, Summertime is the best season to enjoy these encounterings, not only because of the amount but the weather in this region is generally excellent and predictable with bright skies and a calm warm breeze, although there is always a mild chance of a radical change in winds, which can affect visibility and the trip might not go as smooth as on a sunny day, and we could say that the windiest weeks of the season tend to be the first three or four and are followed by calmer weeks up to the third week of August.

Nevertheless, no matter which company you tour with, they will all pick the best times for you to enjoy fully and have a pleasant experience. We do not have a whale shark tour in Holbox, but here is a link where you can look for an experience. You can also take into account that, Cancun is another fantastic location that is ranked as the number one whale shark encountering spot. We have the ideal whale shark snorkeling tour, where you can take a fantastic snorkeling trip and swim with up to 150 whale sharks and other creatures.

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