La Paz Whale Shark Season

La Paz Whale Shark Season

The fascinating Whale sharks, commonly referred to as “Gentle Giants,” frequently visit the Bay of La Paz because of the abundance of plankton there, giving us the opportunity of getting to meet them. So, if you’d like to visit and enjoy the experience of La Paz Whale Shark season check the data we have for you.

What is the Best Time to Visit Whale Sharks at La Paz

The largest city in Baja California and its state capital, about two hours’ drive from Cabo San Lucas, La Paz has a variety of over 800 marine species attracted to its abundant pelagic habitat. One of them is the Whale shark, the largest and nicest shark in the ocean and an avid consumer of plankton and krill, the main responsible for their arrival.

Annually, the whale-shark season in La Paz lasts from October to May, and since they gather in large numbers to feed on the traveling plankton, whale sharks can be seen almost all year long, but the peak season (which lasts from November to April), is the greatest time to encounter these creatures.

During this season of the year, visibility can reach up to 60 feet (18 meters) and water temperatures can surge into the 80s F (26 C), and during the early months of the season, pelagic aggregations and small invertebrates (which are typically tiny species) swarm the area as the season goes on and the water temperature lowers to the low 60s (15 C) in January.

Being able to snorkel with the whale shark can be an unforgettable experience, however, keep in mind that snorkeling is the only legal way to interact with the whale shark, any other kind of approach like diving is restricted since we could interfere with their normal migration path.

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