The Best La Paz Whale Shark Tours

Are you looking for the best excursion to swim with the Whale Sharks in La Paz? Well you have arrived at the right place. Although Captain Whale Shark has no Whale Shark tours in La Paz Mexico, we are happy to share other alternatives until we can offer our outstanding Whale shark experience.

Swim with the whale sharks La Paz Mexico

La Paz Mexico is known for having a large congregation of juvenile whale sharks during winter. La Paz whale shark season is from October to May. However, the peak season is from late November to April.

There’s magnificent whale shark snorkeling in La Paz due to its location. The Whale Sharks are very close to the shore, which means that the boat ride is gentle and short.

The not-so-positive side is that there are generally only three to five specimens to swim with and the water is very cold. So if you are traveling far away only for this activity, you should probably try it in Cancun, which has the largest congregation of whale sharks in the world.

La Paz Whale Shark Tours

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